'Nem, 2010 - Ongoing

'Nem, project series, 2010 - Ongoing

The project ‘Nem – “let’s go” in the local dialect – explores resilience in Oggiogno, a mountain village in northern Italy that counts fifteen inhabitants. ‘Nem’s first intervention consisted of a series of invitations to walk on the mountain path connecting Oggiogno to basic services such as a doctor, a shop or a post office. ‘Nem operated the one kilometer mountain path as a dialogic platform. On this platform the invited guests encountered the local population, in a space ruled by other social conventions. ‘Nem’s second intervention started in 2014 and it is ongoing. An aluminium capsule of 25x25x20 cm journeys the houses of Oggiogno. Aluminium’s resilience exemplifies the status of the village through qualities such as resistance and isolation. Each host decides the time span in which to share his/her house with the capsule. In this time, the host decides how to use the capsule and where to situate it. During its residency, the capsule stratifies ephemeral content (i.e. the scent of a fireplace), time and affectivity. In this framework, the capsule operates as nomadic-micro-platform for narratives and knowledge on the contemporary history of Oggiogno. During the past three years the capsule resided with seven families in Oggiogno. Each residency was documented through photography and a diary of the stories told by the hosts. Each journey was mapped. A further aim of the project series ‘Nem is to explore how abstract thoughts operate within material locations. What are the potentialities of sharing affective knowledge and how is this knowledge mirrored in terms of civic and infrastructural development?



In my artistic practice and research over the last five years, I have been looking at socio-cultural entanglements between affectivity and materiality, within the fields of the imaginative and of critical thinking. My aim is to explore the blurring of social normative boundaries through the fostering of individual and collective imagination. Central interests span the agency of naming concrete space after affectivity (often after happiness), embodied notions of utopia and mental time travel. The relations of a people to a landscape and to the epistemic dynamics and structures taking place within it, are central for me.



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