8 Minuts 20 Seconds – On Time Travelling

8Min20Sec – On Time Travelling. Video installation, color, sound. 8'20". Sun bathing chair. Comissioned by Allenheads Contemporary Art. 2016

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a mineshaft is "A deep narrow vertical hole, or sometimes a horizontal tunnel, that gives access to a mine". A flock of mineshafts asks you to stop time travelling, to stay in the here and now, by quoting passages from H.G. Wells The Time Machine. Mindfulness. To do this, you should avoid everyday forms of time travelling, such as the sun light hitting your skin from 8 minutes and 20 second in the past.



In my artistic practice and research over the last five years, I have been looking at socio-cultural entanglements between affectivity and materiality, within the fields of the imaginative and of critical thinking. My aim is to explore the blurring of social normative boundaries through the fostering of individual and collective imagination. Central interests span the agency of naming concrete space after affectivity (often after happiness), embodied notions of utopia and mental time travel. The relations of a people to a landscape and to the epistemic dynamics and structures taking place within it, are central for me.



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