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Fuga dalla Terra

digital HD video, color, sound. 5'51". Tierpark Berlin (DE). 2014 - 2016
Fuga dalla Terra – Tukka’l Cel resonates the sentence ‘touch the sky’ in Piedmontese dialect. Tukkal is also the name of a fighter kite in Urdu, the national language of Pakistan. Tukka’l Ciel explores borders through one of primeval human dreams, the will to fly. The project develops through a series of flying sessions shared by the Pakistani community who settled in Biella, a city in northern Italy, during the last decade and two leading kite flyers associations in Italy: Freevola and AndyKites. During the flying, the participants were invited to share their views on what borders exist between the sky and the earth. What shape might an invisible border take? Where does a border start and where does it end?